OFFICINE MECCANICHE CIOCCA S.P.A. is an expert in the production of SAE and CETOP flanges, ball valves and gear pump connector. Our broad and precise product range is particularly suitable for high-pressure hydraulic transmissions, where pump-shot and oil-hammering can severely damage the components.

Made in weldable steel with less than 0,22% carbon and in AISI 316L, these flanges can work at a max working pressure of 6000 p.s.i. On request we can test the material you need in conjunction with recognized bodies (RINA, Lloyd’s Register, ABS, DNV) who issued the test certificates.

In CIOCCA “CRH” ball-valves, designed for various applications, the ball is set between two pre-compressed seals using a floating system guaranteeing a perfect tightness at high, low pressure and vacuum.

Alluminium and Steel gear pump connectors are available straight or 90° and with 3 or 4 holes. They are classified by the mounting interaxis: 26; 30; 35; 40; 51; 55; 56; 62; 72.5. They can be supplied with BSP, DIN 2353, weldable, or according customer specifications. Cooperation agreement with SETCO s.r.l. ( ) offers a bigger and more complete CIOCCA production range.